So you’re here because you want to take part in my latest project HUNGER – thank you!

The latest part of HUNGER is THE WORLD’s DINING TABLE. I’m am running an open call asking participants to contribute drawings and text to create descriptions/representations of their favourite dish, soup recipes, and personal experience of hunger. The collected material will be exhibited as well published in an upcoming book.

With the project, I wish to examine different dimensions of the phenomenon which is hunger. In our Western world of plenty, there are still people who go hungry. There are still places on Earth where people die because of starvation.


You can participate in the project by sharing your own stories and experiences – I’ve shared a few over on my Instagram takeover which you can view here.

You can use the enclosed template with the three questions or simply create your own design:
– Your favorite soup recipes?
– What is your worst hunger experience? What does hunger feel like?
– What does your favourite dish look like?

Once you’ve downloaded and filled in the template below you can return it to me via email: [email protected]

Download the template

You can decide to sign your contribution and I will include your name in the upcoming book and exhibitions. Or you can decide to stay anonymous.

Thank you for engaging with my takeover and my work,

Maja Spasova

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