Matt Adams on psychological profiling in Karen

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Artist Nick and Researcher Dr Kelly Page

Our latest work Karen is an app that uses psychological profiling techniques to adapt the story to you. We worked extensively with researchers including Geraldine Nichols, Professor Nina Reynolds and Dr Kelly Page to understand the origin and development of psychological profiling and to uncover the subjectivity and distortion that exists in personality profiling. In this short… Read more »

Matt Adams explains how Karen uses interactivity

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Our latest work Karen is a mixture of game play and storytelling. In creating the app, we wanted to deliver a rich plot and complex emotion whilst still allowing players some control over how the story would unfold. In this short vlog, Blast Theory artist Matt Adams gives an insight into how the app allows… Read more »

Crowdfunding – A Guide by Blast Theory

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In October 2014 we ran a crowdfunding campaign to fund the minimum amount of development time needed to deliver our new artistic app Karen. Thanks to our incredible audiences, old and new, we successfully hit our target and then some. We are now deep in development, with the artists only coming up for air to… Read more »