I could ask you anything

By Nick Tandavanitj

Ju has been at the heart of Blast Theory since the very beginning, so with Ju’s move to creating work independently, it seemed like a good time to think about how Blast Theory ticks.

The things that made us: spontaneous participation

By Ju Row Farr

Disobedient participants, or rather people who find their own way into our work, have become a strength of some of our work: a heart that is largely invisible to the outside, which we cherish greatly.

The things that made us: learning to back it up

By Nick Tandavanitj

After an early incident where the first year and a half of all of Blast Theory’s files were accidentally deleted in an Amstrad floppy drive, we thought that for a long time we had our shit together with archiving and backups.

Blast Theory video

By Guest Blogger
Blast Theory Video | A Moment of Possibility

Blast Theory has a long history of making social and political work, drawing on popular culture, performance, technology and games.

One Year On – A Force Of Nature, By Force Of Will Power – The Thing I’ll Be Doing For The Rest Of My Life

By Ju Row Farr
The Thing I'll Be Doing For The Rest Of My Life, photo credit YAMAGUCHI Takayuki

A year ago Matt began editing the footage from Nagoya, of the trawler being moved onto the land, through the night and across the park – 5 days to edit, then straight back to Japan on the 5th of August, to install onto 40 tablets in Japanese and English, train invigilators, meet press, thank everyone involved and open to the public on 10th August 2013.

Disaster utopia

By Matt Adams
Daisuke Oono

The next day I did an interview with Daisuke Oono, a journalist with NHK who is from the Sendai area.

To Kesennuma: ships out of place and fishermen

By Matt Adams
A freighter washed inland by the tsunami

Up at 5am today to head north by car.

Trip to Sendai

By Matt Adams
A freighter pushed inland by the tsunami

Some days make me realise all over again what a privilege it is to be an artist.