A Machine To See With lasts for about 45 minutes – 1 hour.

To take part you will need to buy a ticket and have a fully charged mobile phone to use throughout the work.  We will take your number and call you with your start location on the day of the work.

A Machine To See With is performed in English. However it can be translated and recorded into another language. Please ask for more details.

Yes, by all means make a group booking. But each person must have their own ticket and their own cellphone.

You will start one by one, shortly after one another, and your start locations will be different. However, you will all be headed into the same part of the city, and are likely to finish very near each other.

You finish somewhere different from where you started. To walk directly from the finish back to the start will take approximately 10-15 minutes. If you came as a group, you ought to find it easy to meet up at the other end.

No. The directions take you through step by step and not knowing the city is often an advantage as it adds to the excitement.

Yes. If you would like to use your own phone, you are welcome to do so, but will be charged roaming rates for about 40 minutes of calls.

We do have a number of loan phones available free of charge – however there is no reservation system for these, and so you may incur a wait for these become available. Maximum wait time for these could be 75 minutes.

Yes. If your phone is capable of making and receiving voice calls, it will work.

If you have call forwarding or any other diverting in place on your number, you will need to let us know so we can test that you are able to call and be called by the system.

Normal laws of the land apply to anything and everything you choose to do whilst you’re outside. So it is extremely unlikely.

The film takes place in your head. We will not be filming, but of course we can’t guarantee that your actions won’t attract attention.