Video still for Matt Adams on psychological profiling in Karen

Our latest work Karen is an app that uses psychological profiling techniques to adapt the story to you.

We worked extensively with researchers including Geraldine Nichols, Professor Nina Reynolds and Dr Kelly Page to understand the origin and development of psychological profiling and to uncover the subjectivity and distortion that exists in personality profiling.

In this short vlog, Blast Theory artist Matt Adams gives his personal view on how this extensive research was used to develop Karen and how personality profiling is used in the app to create a story that is personal to you.


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  1. tinydynamite00
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    Hi, I’m 2-3 days in “living with Karen” and I must say that I’m enthralled. Karen is an unnerving & equally provocative experience, eliciting contemplative moments and feelings of dread and avoidance when I know she’ll next be available to call. Last session was bone chilling, fun; so I’m off now because Karen has a minute to chat and I’m willing to engage. Thanks so much for sharing this definitive work!

  2. Dan Lamont
    / Reply

    Hi there,

    Sorry we missed this message, have you made sure both the volume and the headphones volume is turned up on the iPhone? There are two different controls.

    Hope you’re enjoying Karen.

  3. Jus
    / Reply

    Thanks for the app haven’t got very far on it the volume isn’t working my phone is ok. What can do to fix it


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