News/July 2013
The Thing I'll Be Doing For The Rest Of My Life, photo credit YAMAGUCHI Takayuki

We would like to invite you along on 15th July at 10am, to be involved in a very special part of our project The Thing I’ll Be Doing For The Rest Of My Life.

As part of the Aichi Triennale and with the help of volunteers, we have pulled a fishing trawler out of the water in Toyohama.

It’s less than a week to go until the next stage of the project, where the 20-30 tonne boat will be moved through the city at night and we need your help.

Monday July 15th 10am – 11am.

Location : the park near Wakamiya Odori crossing, Nagoya.

We are filming the whole process of moving the fishing boat from Toyohama to Nagoya and at 10am on Monday we will all push the boat into its’ final position. There, a boy will climb onto the deck of the boat and tell his story to everyone who has gathered.

Find out more and follow Ju’s updates here as the project unfolds.