News/February 2016

Workshops are an integral part of Blast Theory’s practice. We take part in them externally and internally, we lead them in a vast range of settings and we are soon to be hosting our first one on app development for art and artists at our studios in Brighton.

Ahead of this workshop, Artist Ju Row Farr has taken some time to reflect honestly on her personal experiences with workshops  – the challenges and the triumphs – in this latest blog post.

“One morning I was so tired, jetlagged and dehydrated that I woke up shaking and couldn’t go into the space – I had overdone it. And I don’t believe in the romantic notion of suffering for my work in the way I used to, but this work really mattered and still matters to me and all my body was committed to it, maybe too much and so I had to run it through texts. When I got in later that day the work was on rails, it was amazing.”

Read the full blog here.