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The variety of experience at Blast Theory is unmatched. Since starting in 2017, we’ve built systems to make phone boxes ring in Hull, made Europe’s first interactive feature film, participated in parades in the USA, and worked on a very unconventional life-coaching app. It’s a supportive and thrilling environment to develop in as we work together on creative solutions to novel problems of our own making.” – Michael Kane, Software Lead


Make games to change the world

There’s more to life, and front-end development, than building shopping carts and web forms. If you agree with us, read on!

Blast Theory are a company that make interactive art that tours the world. We create dazzling, thought-provoking experiences that combine games, apps, live cinema and theatre; feature films where actors respond to you in real time; events where your phone guides you on real-life adventures through the city; and mobile games that invite you to reimagine the world and your future in it.

We’re looking for two talented freelance Junior React Developers to work with our artists, coders and designers. You may be an enthusiastic self-taught developer, a new graduate or an early-career freelancer – but in all cases, you will love writing code and have a strong grounding in React. You’ll have a passion for building user interfaces and learning new technologies; and be excited by the prospect of working with a creative team.

You don’t need any professional experience working with clients as a coder but you will need to be able to demonstrate your coding skills. If we invite you to interview, we will ask you to present React code that you’ve worked on.

We will pay you to work with us on a technical sprint for four days in November, and we hope that this sprint will lead to a longer-term freelance working relationship. During the sprint and throughout any ongoing working relationship with you, we will offer support to develop your confidence and skills as a coder.


The opportunity

This is an opportunity to join the team on a four-day sprint to deliver a prototype for a new project focused on machine learning. You’ll be working with the artists and Blast Theory’s Software Lead to deliver a prototype React application over this time; moving from specifications through code development to reviews.

If the sprint goes well, we’d love to give you more freelance work at times when we need additional capacity for projects. Working alongside Blast Theory’s Software Lead, you will produce beautifully crafted software that delivers thrilling audience experiences. You will grow skills in integrating interactive video, messaging, location services, machine learning and social platforms to build uniquely interactive applications for mobile phones, smart TVs and browsers.

You will gain professional experience across all stages of development: from technical research and scoping, to working with UX designers, prototyping and user testing, through to QA and running deployments for thousands of simultaneous users.


Person description

  • You are an enthusiastic self-taught developer, a new graduate or an early career freelancer
  • You love to write code and make interfaces in React
  • You’re passionate about innovations in UI design and technologies
  • You can demonstrate your skills and knowledge through code that you’ve written
  • You’re interested in working in creative industries and have a curiosity about art


Diversity & Inclusion

If you’re underrepresented in the software development sector, this opportunity is for you. We’re particularly interested to receive applications from women; people of colour; people with disabilities (including neurodiversity); people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds; and the LGBTQ+ community.

While we recognise that there may be some restrictions that apply to specific disabilities, we’ll try our best to make reasonable adaptations to accommodate your needs. If you have access needs, please email [email protected] with details so we can:

  • Support you to make an application in a format that suits you (video, audio or phone)
  • Make reasonable adjustments if we invite you to interview.

If there are other barriers to you taking up the opportunity (for example, the dates) then please let us know and we will do our best to offer an alternative.


Job description

As Junior React Developer, you will work with the Blast Theory artists to implement design ideas as React interfaces. Working alongside Blast Theory’s Software Lead, you will specify, build and deploy a prototype React application.



£600 for four days.


Key dates

Deadline to apply: 24th October 2021

Interviews: 1st November 2021

Technical sprint: 29th November – 2nd December (4 days)


Apply here

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