News/July 2017
Cain Suley

We are delighted to announce that we are taking Cain Suleyman through our first Gold Arts Award. A talented photographer, performer and musician, he will be working on a fantastic project to combine his passions and skills.

Following a band from their early moments of rehearsing at home, meetings, through gigging, studio work, publicity imagery, press and album pictures, Cain will essentially become a member of the band.  And this journey will form the basis of an exhibition at a special gig event that he helps to organise, market and stage.

As a part of the Gold Arts Award, Cain will organise and lead a collaborative workshop which looks at how to get emotion into portrait photography – he will take attendees through camera use and composition and everyone will get to be the photographer, the model and the outside eye.

We’ll have more information on the exhibition and workshop in the coming months.

To find out more about Cain’s Gold Arts Award plans or the Arts Awards qualification, please contact lead artist Ju Row Farr or call the Blast Theory studio on 01273413455.