News/February 2016
Toronto street junction

Playable City Lagos 2016 intends to find new ways to start a conversation in the city through play. The project will take place over 8-days in Africa’s fastest growing city – exploring the challenges and opportunities that come with this. Ju Row Farr will work collaboratively with 9 other creative individuals from either the UK or Nigeria, to collectively research and develop playful ideas in art, technology, science and culture.

Playable City Lagos will support, inspire and challenge participants from Lagos to develop playful interventions that respond to specific social challenges and specific geographic locations in Lagos.

Ideas will respond to specially commissioned local research undertaken by the Urban Design Institute Future Lagos, which identified the theme of mobility as pertinent to Lagos today. Participants will be supported to create ideas and working prototypes that can be demonstrated as part of a public showcase in Lagos in 2016.

Produced by Watershed, Playable City Lagos is run in collaboration British Council and Future Lagos.
Ju will be in Lagos from 9th – 17th March 2016.

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