News/December 2015

Ju recently led a workshop in Sao Paulo with Mesa & Cadeira where the overall aim was to make a project with social impact. On day 1 everyone met, on day 2 everyone was given a mission to ‘create and launch a system to reach people who don’t usually have a voice’ the 18 participants developed a game to be played on the streets of the city. And on day 3, 4, and 5 the work is made and launched to an invited public.

Branch was made.

As a player of Branch, you receive tips and a map in order to help you find 5 local people who have agreed to take part in the game. You must ask the right question to the right person in order to collect a symbol card, encouraging players to strike up conversations with local people in order to gain the information they need.

One person was embarrassed to shake hands because their hand was dirty – should this really be a problem, aren’t all our hands dirty? We found that the people on the streets who were the most open to talking to us were the people we speak with the least – the people who live on the street itself.’

Find out more and download the game for free to play for yourself.

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