News/March 2021
A woman in her 30s smiling in a cycling helmet standing over her bicycle, which has a digital tablet on the handlebars

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We’re looking for people with a hearing impairment who use captions to help test a new interactive artwork.


About the work

Rider Spoke is an artwork by Blast Theory that invites audiences to explore the city at night recording stories about their lives and listening to other people’s. Guided by a mobile app, you search for a hiding place and record a short message there. And then you search for the hiding places of others.

Travelling alone through the city, in the evening, with no particular destination offers a rare freedom. In Rider Spoke this is combined with an opportunity to think about the people in your life and to share them with strangers who you will never meet. Guided by Ju Row Farr’s narration and a delicate score by Blanket, you can lose yourself for a while.

Originally designed as an experience for cyclists, Rider Spoke was first shown at the Barbican in London in October 2007 and has subsequently been presented all over the world. We are revisiting the piece and developing it for use by audiences with diverse access needs.


What is involved?

  • An outdoor test in Brighton, Thursday 8th April, 3 – 5pm

The test will involve experiencing Rider Spoke, followed by a feedback session with the Blast Theory team.

Testing will take place outside in central Brighton. You can choose to take part on foot, on a bike, or another form of personal transport – e.g. a wheelchair, a mobility scooter or an alternative cycle. We will provide all equipment for taking part, including a bike and helmet if you choose to cycle. If you’d prefer to use your own bike or other transport please put any details in your sign-up form.

The feedback session will involve completing a questionnaire and answering questions in a one-to-one interview with a member of the Blast Theory team. Questionnaires will be available in large print.



We can offer a £60 fee for taking part in the test. If travel expenses pose a barrier or your PA needs to attend the test with you, please contact us. Please note that there are a limited number of places for testing.


How to apply

To apply please complete:


Please sign-up by 10am on Friday 26th March. Please also contact us if you have any questions.