News/August 2014

We’re glad to welcome our new volunteer, Matias who will be working with us until October. He will be assisting with the development of projects such as Live Transmission, Krautrock R&D and one very exciting project that is yet to be announced.

Matias studied choreography, theatre and filmmaking at SNDO, university for choreography and performance art in Amsterdam. He has recently graduated and has arrived at the Blast Theory studio full of energy.

In his own words “ In my artistic practice I use technology as inspiration tool to create new analogic mechanism of attention. I’m inspired by how social media, video games and cinema are creating new ways to emphasize how we relate to each other. Through understanding the affect of technology I create performances that question the social encounter that theatre brings and create new ways that theatre can be experienced.

For example in my piece, Funerals, welcome, in which cinematic montage becomes a game for the audience where they face the walls and view the performance through a mirror.”

Take a look at some of his other work on his Vimeo page.