News/June 2024

Back in November, we announced the four recipients of the Jamie Iddon Award (JIA): Blaise Peters, Bea Bidault, Flo Yuting Zhu and Ken Nakajima. Since then, our JIA awardees have been working towards a public showcase of their work. Jonny caught up with them over email recently to ask what they’ve been working on since they received the news, and how the award has supported them so far…


Flo Yuting Zhu’s False Witness R&D. hARTslane, London.

Flo Yuting Zhu:

Since receiving the JIA award, I’ve been R&D-ing my new project False Witness — a mixture of performance and horror film investigating absence and forgery. Earlier this month, I put together an interim showcase of the piece in hARTslane (London) with two other artists, and here are some highlight moments from our gritty ghost trail quest.

I’m excited to see how the project will continue to morph based on the support from the Jamie Iddon Award. If you’re interested in following along, here is the page where I’ll update more behind-the-scenes experiments, failures, and progress 🙂



Bea Bidault:

Since I received the Jaimie Iddon Award, I have been able to take steps towards continuing my development as an artist and continue the creation of Les Nuages. The work explores the human experience of loneliness and the longing for connection. How that experience is affected by our perceptions of life, constructed by factual experiences and what we imagine.

I will be presenting a 30 minute version of this otherworldly piece, with original music by Mayah Kadish and costume design by Shanti Bell.

The work explores how our experiences are affected by our perception of what is real and what we imagine. Come and be mesmerized by a fictional landscape, bodies filled with air and smoke and heavy clouds. Drift through the liminal space between dreams and reality.

House opens at 6:30. The show will start at 7:00 pm and a post show gathering will follow with drinks, and music curated by a DJ.

At Ugly Duck – 47-49 Tanner St. SE1 3PL

This is an opportunity to present my work and to help raise funds for the further development of Les Nuages. I hope that you will want to come and be involved in supporting this special work! 

Book your spot or make a donation

For more information about the piece, head to my website

Or follow me on Instagram



Blaise Peters:

I’ve been working on a femme-led adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello, inspired by my experiences of misogynoir and the hypermasculinization of Black Femmes in academia, professional spaces, and interpersonal relationships. Collaborating with Blast Theory, the Institute of Contemporary Theatre, and emerging creatives in Brighton, ‘Otello’ will have a three-night run in November, with an open rehearsal on October 1st in celebration of UK Black History Month.

The Jamie Iddon Award has provided me with the resources and space to develop an adaptation that few production companies would support. It has introduced me to creative networks in Brighton, a city I’ve lived in for four years, and given me the fearlessness to create the work I want to see on stage. Black creatives shouldn’t need to ask permission to make work that challenges an audience, and Blast Theory have been open-minded, working collaboratively to create a new culture in theatre for Black creatives in Brighton.

The production kicks off with Auditions and Crew Callout in July. Complete the registration form to register your interest.

You can stay updated on Otello’s journey by following our Instagram for updates and general tomfoolery. Our open rehearsal will also be streamed on Twitch. Keep an eye on the Blast Theory page for links to these accounts.



Ken Nakajima:

Since becoming a recipient of the Jamie Iddon Award, I have been deeply involved in several significant projects that have advanced both my personal artistic vision and collaborative efforts. One of my primary focuses has been assembling a diverse and talented team of creatives and performers from various disciplines and nationalities. This team comprises dancers, musicians, visual artists, and writers, each contributing unique skills and perspectives to our collective work. The multicultural and interdisciplinary nature of our group has enriched the creative process, allowing us to explore innovative approaches and ideas.

Simultaneously, I have dedicated a considerable amount of time to conceptualising, choreographing, and writing the entirety of a performance piece titled “Seeking Shadows.”

The support from the JIA has been instrumental in my artistic journey, providing me with a profound sense of security that has enabled me to take creative risks I might not have otherwise considered. This sense of stability has been crucial in allowing me to fully immerse myself in the creative process, pushing boundaries and exploring innovative ideas without the constant worry of financial constraints.

Seeking Shadows has successfully been programmed at Rich Mix Arts Centre in London. The premiere will be on the 2nd of November 2024. Tickets will be announced as the Autumn season programming is released later in the year. If you would like to keep up to date with the project, follow my Instagram page at @kxn.nak

A big shout out to Bea Bidault, my fellow recipient and dear friend, whose unwavering support and boundless creativity have been a constant source of inspiration and motivation throughout this journey.