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Kidnap, a work about control and consent, was inspired by the notorious Spanner Trial in which consenting sadomasochists were convicted and sent to prison.

As a rare treat, all three artists, Matt, Ju and Nick, will be joined at the symposium by the two kidnappees: Russell Ward and Debra Burgess (from Melbourne via video link) as well as writers, thinkers, researchers and artists. Join us in re-visiting this pivotal project in our history.

[email protected] will include a screening of the film documentation of Kidnap and reflections on other relevant work, including Rideout’s Cell Project (2016) and Ali Matthews’ What the Money Meant (2014).

The full schedule will be announced soon.

More information on Kidnap

When: Friday 20th July
Where: Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama, University of Manchester, Bridgeford Street, Manchester, M13 9PL
Price: Attendance is FREE, registration essential

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