News/February 2019

Marina Wainer is a multidisciplinary French-Argentinean artist based in Paris. After studying dance, video art and new media, Marina has concentrated her work on new approaches to digital creation.

For the last fifteen years, she has been creating interactive installations anchored in space, where the engagement of the body is essential, placing the public at the heart of the work, with a sensitive approach to technology.

More recently, Marina started developing a photographic work produced in the digital space (with smartphones/social networks, especially Instagram), which focuses on new forms of representing the real.

The project I want to develop during the residency – entitled (No)Man’s Land – is rooted in the relationship between nature and technology.

My proposal for the residency is to work on an interactive fiction around representations of natural elements if they had a legal identity. In recent decades, some ecosystems have been recognised as ‘people’ in many countries around the world. A radical shift concerning nature’s right to exist for itself.


I would like to explore new fictional modes in my artistic practice, both in terms of storytelling and technology, including performance in which the audience interacts in real time.


See more of Marina’s work on her website or follow her on Instagram.