News/June 2014
Liat Wassershtrom, Blast Theory volunteer 2014

We are excited to welcome our new volunteer, Liat Wassershtrom who will be with us throughout our busy June and July. Liat has already been stuck in the deep end working with us on I’d Hide You and will continue to focus on projects such as Rider Spoke, Live Transmission and Dial Ulrike and Eamon Compliant.

Liat completed her BA in Contemporary Media Practice at the University of Westminster in 2013, where she focussed on new media projects that included live experiences and interactive art.

With years of experience working with children and young people she is currently Head of Kids Education at Codasign, a London based creative technology education company. Liat develops and leads creative technology workshops with children, young people and their parents around the UK, teaching them coding and electronics and how to use those in creative ways.

Liat enjoys hacking (and fixing) physical objects, and occasionally works as creative technologist on various projects. Recently she worked on turning old phones to Mobile Phone Butterflies.