News/October 2019
resident christianakazakou

We are thrilled to welcome Christiana Kazakou to Blast Theory, a transdisciplinary researcher, curator and artist.

During her residency, she’ll be developing ‘narrative as research’ methodologies through action, reflection, process, people and form inspired by Blast Theory’s multi-spatial practice. By taking the role of the ‘social explorer’; she navigates performative and digital citizenship through participatory systems of representation, politics/philosophy of technology and alternative vocabularies of interpretation within art and science discourse.

Overall my work explores interconnectedness and the open-ended dialogue between art and science, by combining scientific concepts, laws and theories from different disciplines with an arts practice. Both art and science require imagination and original thinking, a sense of inquiry and concern about human nature & society. Whilst science investigates how the world operates, in art this information is interpreted and expressed from a unique individual perspective. My interests lie in abstraction, curiosity and those complexities arising from the inter-relationship between science and art that have the ability to influence perceptions lurking beneath ‘known’ definitions

Christiana is currently a trans-disciplinary researcher at i-DAT. Her research explores the ‘Transdisciplinary Curating: Mediating art and science discourse in hybrid narrative environments’. Her PhD research is funded by the 3D3 Centre for Doctoral Training, Arts & Humanities Research Council (UK).

Read more about Christiana’s work on her website or on her i-Dat profile here.