News/July 2021
Seven Manchester Street Poem members are sitting in a large industrial space, looking at artist Nick Tandavanitj and Associate Artist Niki Woods. Artists Ju Row Farr and Matt Adams are visible on a large screen.

We’re super excited to announce that we’re working with the epic folks at Manchester Street Poem. As a group with lived experience of marginalisation and homelessness, they have created works for the last two editions of Manchester International Festival. And we’re honoured that they have invited us to work with them on a new project.

For the last few months we have been creating stories based on pictures of 12 fantastical places across the planet. And we’ve been building maps of Manchester based on personal histories and imaginary journeys.

Now we’re heading to Manchester’s Upper Campfield Market to work face to face with the group for the first time. Sadly, we’re minus artists Matt and Ju who are both self-isolating due to Covid and so will continue to work remotely. Check out Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for updates from the workshops.

Manchester Street Poem is a co-produced art collective whose works reflect the personal experiences of our city’s marginalised communities. Guided by the principle that there is “no us and them – only us”, they aim to promote this viewpoint through art and storytelling in the belief that by exploring our shared humanity we can break down barriers.