News/October 2012

We’re pleased to welcome a new volunteer to the fold, Grant Moxom, he has traveled from Australia via most of Europe and he’ll be working with us up until the end of December.

Grant describes himself as an an artist working at the intersection of media and live performance and has already collaborated with a number of companies and individuals ranging from pure media (dLux Media Arts-Coder and co-designer of the ‘Future-wall’ installation) to performance and mixed media (Shopfront, PACT, B-Sharp).

Grant’s work investigates ways in which the audience and performers are in discussion rather than a monologic conversation. His current investigations involve interfaced performance events using Kinect’s, GPS & headphones to create ‘living’ spaces which interact with both performer and audience.

He’ll be working with us on our commission for the Red Cross museum in Geneva, Hurricane, as we prepare to ship it out for installation.