News/August 2022

Wednesday 17th August 6-8pm

There’s a word for it – as Talking Heads once said.

Our next Pot Luck is all about words – how do they feature in your work, how do you describe what you do, what words, phrases, stories or books rock your world and what ways can you use words differently?

There will be eating and drinking alongside sharing words, looking at artists’ work and trying out a writing exercise. Inspired by William Burroughs the cut-up method is a gift that keeps on giving and stories will emerge.

So bring your views on words, anything you want to present, a friend, something to eat and we will get stuck in.

Please email me to let me know if you are coming – [email protected]

Aimed at people who are early on in their careers, Pot Luck is a chance to network, make new friends and discuss your work, or an idea for a work. We will offer you support in whatever way we can to help you advance your creative practice and yourself as a maker.

Pot Luck is based on the Potlatch a North American indigenous communal meal or gathering where everyone brings something they can contribute to the meal or to give away.

There will be something to take away with opportunities, courses and tools for you to look at later!

– Ju

P.S. here is the link to the Talking Heads track – Give Me Back My Name – for me the best lyrics!