News/April 2017

We are very pleased to welcome our new resident Anita Bacic.

In a departure from our usual residency programme at 20 Wellington Road we have teamed up with pvi collective in Perth to trial a new model. Thanks to the generous support of Australia Council we were able to set up an exchange that offers an Australian artist and a British artist the opportunity to undertake a residency with Blast Theory and pvi collective.  The companies aim to support artists working in similar fields and to to strengthen the sector as a whole through mentorship and critical feedback.

Anita Bacic is a Hobart-based artist who explores media old and new, with a focus on interactive experiences. She recently completed a location-based walk for the streets of Moonah, Tasmania entitled “an/other time”. It shares the personal untold stories from the post WW2 migrants who came to Tasmania in the mid 20th Century. Their contribution to the building and adding to the state is not often talked about or acknowledged in Tasmaniaʼs story. Bacic was born shortly after her Croatian parents arrived in Australia and her cultural background drives her focus on the migrant experience.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with having the amazing Blast Theory and pvi collective as mentors and support for this work to move on to the next stage. The uninterrupted time to focus on the project couldn’t have come at a better time to bring it to the forefront. Anita Bacic

Read more about Anita here.

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