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Theo Di Castri is a Mexico City based writer and artist working at the intersection of immersive theatre, sound art and new media. He holds a BA with a double major in Neuroscience and Comparative Literature from Columbia University and an MPhil in the History and Philosophy of Science from Cambridge University.

When not working artistically, he edits for the King’s Review and MVT Journal and directs a summer school about the war on drugs for young people affected by the conflict from across the Americas.

“Much of my creative work explores the sociogenetic and psychogenetic effects of technology in everyday life. Technology always occupies a double-edged role within the context of my work: at once as something to be critiqued as well as something to be redeemed through the formal and experiential innovations it permits.

I am interested in pushing the boundaries of where performances can take place and how stories can be told. Stubbornly, I create work that resists being viewed and replicated within the conventional confines of the gallery, the theatre or the page.”

Read more about the site-specific, new-media novel Theo will be developing during his residency with Blast Theory.

Image: Diego Delso / Creative Commons

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