News/October 2007

Rider Spoke is a new work for cyclists combining theatre with game play and state of the art technology the project continues Blast Theory’s enquiry into performance in the age of personal communication. The piece is available for touring in 2008.

“Rider Spoke is such a gloriously enlivening piece of theatre.”

“The show’s greatest gift is that it manages to embrace the remorseless urban rush of the City while insisting on the individual’s ability to pierce it with quiet reflection.” – Metro, 15th October

“I am enjoying it, and looking around with more interest than I would normally. Having to find connections with myself makes everything come alive.” – Guardian, 3rd October

“A great idea… Rider Spoke has the potential to animate a city” – Financial Times 16th Oct

“An extreme confessional which turns London’s spectacular and squalid alleys into a theatrical backdrop for your own memories” – Time Out 17th Oct


Rider Spoke is sponsored by Trek