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Take Me To The Bridgewater is a new artwork in which Blast Theory will work with young people in the area to create a new site-specific piece, exploring somewhere that has inspired ideas that have transformed the world in which we live today – the Bridgewater Canal in Salford.


Part meander, part secret hunting, the work will last roughly one hour and will be launched to the public in the Easter holidays 2017. Visitors, friends and family, will come along for the final two day event, to take part in a unique experience on mobile phones as they walk along the canal.


We need you!

If you are aged 14 – 19 we’d love to hear from you.

You may be at school, in college, unemployed, in training, a young parent or anything else we have not listed here.

You might be into writing, games, blogging, social media, film making, performing, art, film, your local area, storytelling or unusual events/activities. This may also be of interest if you are somebody who is curious about how things stand the test of time, how ideas are sparked, how places shape the world and how the world shapes places. Intrigued?

You don’t have to be great at any of these things but you should be interested in getting involved in a unique art experience, meeting new people, working with artists and getting some new skills – all good CV material!

In the initial workshop we will discuss the ideas for the project, talk about how we will turn them into the final event, show you what we’ve done before and answer any of your questions.

And in the canal boat workshop we will find parts of the canal that talk to us, share what we know and don’t know, interview each other about imaginary times and moments and record the sounds and scenes around us. Then, finally, we will bring together everything we’ve experimented with and learnt and turn it into a public event taking place in Spring 2017.


Important Dates

We are looking for up to 20 people to work with us and to take part in the project, which will consist of the following in terms of thinking about your commitment and availability:

First Workshop:   22nd February 2017

Canal Boat Workshop:   11th and 12th March 2017

Live Public Event:   1st and 2nd April 2017


Want to take part? 

To sign up for a workshop or to ask questions, please contact Kate on [email protected] or 07966 316446


We look forward to hearing from you!



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