News/July 2014

Book Now for Rider Spoke in Cambridge, Thursday 3rd July – Sunday 6th July.

If you haven’t had the chance to take part in Rider Spoke, it will be at Cambridge Junction from 3rd – 6th of July as part of the Vélo Festival, celebrating the Tour De France passing through the city. Flat, bike mad and ever-so-slightly high brow, Cambridge is the perfect place for this work that has toured the world since its premiere at the Barbican in 2007.

Equipped with a bike and a handheld computer mounted on the handlebars, you will ride out into the streets of Cambridge. Find a hiding place – a spot previously undiscovered by any other player – and get asked a question. For a minute or two – alone, in an out of the way spot – reflect on your life and record your answer. Cycle on and find the hiding places of others. Listen to their answers in the places that mean most to them.

As you roll through the streets your focus is outward, looking for good places to hide, speculating about the hiding places of others, becoming completely immersed into this overlaid world as the voices of strangers draw you into a new and unknown place. The streets may be familiar but you’ve given yourself up to the pleasure of being lost.

The Vélo Festival is a programme of events taking place across Cambridgeshire from May to September, celebrating the Tour de France, which will be travelling through the County on 7 July.

Date: 3rd – 6th July

Time: Various starting times between 7pm to 10pm

Place: Starting at Cambridge Junction