News/March 2015

We’d like to give a very warm welcome to Alice Green and Katie Dale-Everett who have recently started volunteering with us. With so much preparation to be done in the run up to the launch of Karen their presence is really useful at this moment.

Alice Green’s creative work is mainly with photography. In her most recent project she filed and removed every pixel of colour from a black and white self-portrait image, then placed them on the now blank page in order. The resulting image no longer resembling a photograph but a gradient – an organised being. She is interested in the way we use images, what we become when we are photographed – a memory, proof of existence, or simply a list of numbers and letters – and how easy it is to manipulate that. Find out more about Alice’s work.

Katie Dale-Everertt Volunteer art work

Katie Dale-Everett is a freelance dance artist working within the fields of choreography, teaching and performing. Within her work, she seeks to practically and theoretically investigate the definitions of the terms ‘documentation’ and ‘authorship, exploring how time and intertextuallity affect the reading of a work. She challenges documentation’s role as a tool for preservation and instead strives to highlight the subjectivity involved within its creation, believing that each attempt to document creates its own performance.


Katie is about to start making a new work called ‘Digital Tattoo’ which explores privacy within a digitised society. She is particularly excited about working with Blast Theory to learn about our work online, but also live performance and digital broadcasting, as well as to learn more about the process of archiving. For more information have a look at Katie’s website.

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