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Here we are at the start of 2017, having spent the last three months gathering thoughts, drawings and ideas about the future from people across Hull and Aarhus: from scientists to school children.

Each month, we’ll be releasing interviews with some of these people – from experts on smart cities, sea-level rise and community activism to school children. Each talks about their particular view of the challenges for cities in the future and their hopes for the world at large.

Who can we ask to predict 80 years in to the future?

We took a leap and decided to start back in 14th century Italy.

According to Kathleen Robinson of East Yorkshire Tarot, this is where the cards used in present day tarot readings were first created. Originally used for entertainment, tarot cards became popular as a form of divination in the 18th century. While on a trip to Hull’s famed City Fair last October, we arranged to speak to Kathleen who kindly agreed to give us a free reading to learn about 2097.

Here’s what Kathleen had to say… what do you think? Are these really the challenges for the human race over the next 80 years?

Give us your comments.

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2097: We Made Ourselves Over is a new work by Blast Theory as part of Aarhus European Capital of Culture 2017 and Hull UK City of Culture 2017.

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