News/October 2018
Black and white photo of a young woman with dark blond hair. She is outside a house and is wearing a bomber jacket.


We are delighted to have Violeta with us at Blast Theory until 16 November this year.

Violeta is a recent graduate of the University of Sussex with a first class degree in BA Art History & Film Studies and a master’s degree with distinction in Digital Documentary.

Her creative practice stems from her academic background in art history and an interest in postcolonial, queer and feminist theories.

Why Blast Theory?

“For me, Blast Theory’s body of work exemplifies ideals of aesthetically progressive and socially engaged art that I aspire to as a cultural activist and an artist. Refusing to impose a line between activism, academia, filmmaking and fine art could be challenging and confusing, so I am drawn to learn more about the experimental and interdisciplinary approach at the heart of Blast Theory.”

Read more about Violeta and her work.

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