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Coming soon on the Digital Voices website an update from the latest workshop of the partners in Helsinki which is happening this week on Participatory Design.

Fixing Point at Brighton Festival

By Ju Row Farr
A metal fixing point

Fixing Point is sold out at this years’ Brighton Festival already, which is amazing, and so I wanted to let you know a few things about the work before I go into lock down mode.

Matt talking in Aarhus and Copenhagen

Matt Adams

Matt is giving two presentations to the Performing Arts Committee of the Danish State Council about the future of digital performance. On May 16th the session is Aarhus and on the 17th it is in Copenhagen.

More information here.

See Hurricane in Geneva


Our new permanent work for the Red Cross Museum in Geneva is now open.

Meet our current volunteer, Oscar Maydon

Fixing Point Brighton volunteers with Oscar Maydon

We’re a bit tardy with the news that Oscar has been working with us since the beginning of April, not because he hasn’t made an impression, just that things have been so busy our web news has been left a little fallow.

Volunteer with Blast Theory, deadline 20th May

Lukus Robbins

Due to unforeseen circumstances we have a special opening in our volunteer program at Blast Theory for the months of June, July and August.

Listen again to Matt on Start the Week

A metal fixing point

Matt took part in a special Brighton Festival program.

Meet our current artists in residence, Anagram

Anagram: Image courtesy of the artists

Anagram are Amy Rose and May Abdalla. They are documentary filmmakers with experience in live location-based interactive games, media events and mobile-based cultural interventions.