OK, so this is going to be more than just a workshop, let me explain a little.

This is an invitation by Mesa e Cadeira to make something, a project, something we’ve never made before, that we’ve always wanted to, with an invited group of people, on no money, in 5 days, which has social impact.

At the end of the workshop this will be presented to 200 people. So no pressure!

I’ve decided in all my wisdom to make a magazine, an interactive magazine, by, for and with people who are strangers. I’ve always wanted to do this – for and by people who magazines are not usually for or about.

But it’s more complicated than that and I will explain what we are up to as it unfolds.

This is the starting point and I really do not know what this will be – paper, online, imaginary, documentary, fictional….

I will let you know soon – keep watching and any observations greatly appreciated.

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