Ben has a degree in Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence from Sussex University. He worked on real-time expert systems and graphical user interfaces before joining Brighton-based Cogapp in 1987, becoming technical director in time to help establish the new direction of the company towards hypertext and multimedia.

Since then time Ben has been responsible for Cogapp’s technical development. He was the chief architect and lead developer of Cogapp’s proprietary multimedia system, used at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, the National Gallery, London and many other institutions; and licensed to Microsoft and others to deliver numerous CD-ROMs, some still in print. He established Cogapp’s publishing system, and led the development of online collections for major museums in London, New York, Chicago and Cleveland.

Ben’s pivotal work on these and other projects displays his continued commitment to finding new ways for organisations to exploit digital technology to better serve their public audiences. Currently he is working on several projects in the mobile and hand-held arena, for both commercial and museum clients.