Caleb Lewis. Image courtesy of the artist.


Caleb is a multi-award winning Australian playwright and theatremaker. He is interested in work that engages its audience and is able to immerse them in a fully realised experience which challenges preconceptions, rewards play and prompts us to reconsider the patterns of our lives as well as the lives of others.

Whether it be dancing with a stranger (Across a Crowded Room;) conversing with a prisoner (Half an Hour Visit;) or seeking answers after a disappearance in a small country town (If There Was a Colour Darker Than Black… ) Caleb strives to craft events in which the audience co-author the narrative to arrive at something wholly new.

Caleb is currently studying video game narrative at the University of British Columbia and will soon begin a Diploma in Digital and Interactive Games at Swinburne University of Technology before going on to complete a PhD researching Narrative and Ludology in Theatre and Gaming.

His residency will be spent continuing development on ‘The City,’ a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style app aimed at raising awareness about the realities of homelessness. An exploration of power and powerlessness, ‘The City’ examines the support networks we take for granted and asks how difficult is it to survive without them?