(UK) July – August 2015

About Cash

Cash is an Illustrator from Northern Ireland, who studied at the University of Brighton. Her main interests are in film and digital art, where she works in a range of mediums, from pen to paper to moving image.

Her recent work explores the influence of technology and habits within our modern society – and this is often shown with light-hearted, satirical appreciation. Her recent film “Emoji” (2014) explores these themes. Her print project “Comment” (2015) shows how far we have come since the first UK mobile phone call 30 years ago.

Cash is also interested in the belief and trust that people invest in generic messages found in things such as fortune cookies, horoscopes and motivational posters. Her recent work “‘-“Self Fulfilling Prophecy” (2015) explores this playfully with ‘Horror’scopes and Misfortune Cookies.