Dan Shay Brighton Digital Festival Resident

(UK): November – December 2014

About Dan

Dan is an artist whose practice addresses the impact of technology on our society, investigating the increasingly blurring boundaries between the real and the virtual.

Before joining Blast Theory Dan gained much experience working across the international contemporary art world: art fairs, festivals, archives and in both public and commercial galleries. He studied Art and Philosophy at DJCAD Dundee, and at OCAD in Toronto.

During his time with Blast Theory he will be focusing on the development of Karen and My One Demand (Live Transmission) whilst supporting in other areas. He is particularly looking in his time here to develop his passion for artwork that challenges notions and values of experience through and of artwork today; a phenomenological investigation.

His artwork predominantly utilizes projection in both its presentation, such as in the work Digital Shadow and production, in his videos. See more of Dan Shay’s work.