A billboard installed on top of a building depicts a smiling blonde woman holding a rose. Behind her is a pink and orange sunset, palm trees, and blue water. A gold logo read ‘Georgia Banks in Remains To Be Seen’


We are delighted to have Georgia Banks as our latest and last remote resident. We have run over 80 residencies in our studios with many people coming from Australia, where Georgia lives, so it is perfect that she is our last while we set about turning the residency programme into a paid opportunity.

Georgia Banks is an Australian performance artist with a great body of live work made through a contemporary and often challenging set of lenses including reality tv, chatbots, beauty pageants and dating apps. Sometimes it draws on a rich performance history and always it is an invitation to audiences to engage with her body; where the lines stop, start and blur, between what is the artwork, what is her body as the artwork and what is neither.

During her residency, Georgia will be developing her new work “Gee”, a fantastic and fruitless attempt to quantify self through reality TV auditions and robots.

Artist’s bio:

Georgia Banks’ works begin with an invitation and a provocation. Sometimes they are met with an overwhelming response, sometimes no one answers at all. She does not value either of these outcomes over the other. In recent years she has been banned from Tinder, sued by the estate of Hannah Wilke, and awarded Miss Social Impact in a national beauty pageant. She would like to go viral, become a reality TV star, and be inaugurated into the Guinness World Records Hall of Fame. She has never had a filling nor broken a bone (although she has been crucified) and once was convinced she had accidentally sliced away a part of her labia during a performance (she hadn’t).