Resident artist Hwa Young Jung


Hwa Young Jung is a multidisciplinary artist working in the arts, culture and sciences, facilitating collaborative workshops and projects. Based in Manchester, she has been involved in grassroots led community spaces, makers and artists in the North and internationally for over ten years.

I’m interested in creating interactive non-fiction, using text adventure games as a conduit to explore ideas. During the residency, I’d like to explore methods of getting the game out into physical spaces and combine real data to effect the narrative, research other methods of bringing narratives to life, and learn from Blast Theory’s method of immersive and pervasive approach to projects. Most of the work I do takes place in non-traditional gallery spaces (libraries, leisure centres, Victorian medieval folly) and would like to explore working more in everyday public spaces.

I’d like to pushing the boundaries of digital storytelling with text adventure games, which give the gamer agency, are empathic in nature, and using real data to drive the narratives is an added layer to support the story.

You can see more of my work at