Iris Maor is a senior media executive and consultant specialising in factual content productions for cinema, TV and digital platforms. She has been working in the independent production sector for the past 20 years as a Director of Production, Producer and Executive Producer. She specialises in set up, operational overview and management and growth strategy for creative businesses.

Iris started her career at October Films before establishing Ronachan Films with award winning director Angus Macqueen. Since then she has held Director of Production positions at several companies, including Yipp Films, Minnow Films, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Sundog Pictures and Raydar Media. In addition, She has been advising NGOs on operational issues and media development.

Films she has worked on have won numerous awards and have been shown all over the world, in festivals and on various TV channels. Feature documentaries she has produced were premiered at Sundance and Tribeca festivals.

Iris has been a production consultant for Channel 4 as well as Guest Lecturer in production at Goldsmiths College, Middlesex University and London Metropolitan University.