(US/TW) July – August 2016

About Kaylene

Kaylene is an Industrial Designer by training, which means she makes physical products that solve problems.

With an interest in exploring the act and method of playing, Kaylene is exploring the boundaries between work and play for her dissertation, more specifically, can play and work exist harmoniously?

In Kaylene’s words:

“What excites me about working with Blast theory is how they are redefining contexts and issues through experiences. My first experience of this was during Operation Black Antler. Previous to this, I had never experienced an immersive theatre experience. I didn’t expect it to be so overpowering and so deeply personal. Our group had a prolonged debate about whether to implement surveillance. It was one of the most serious conversations I’ve had since arriving in the UK last September. To make a group of strangers engage with such serious issues through this experience is amazing and inspiring. This touches upon another related interest of mine, the blurring of play and reality.”

Kaylene has recently been travelling between the US and Taiwan and is now in the UK studying for her MA in Design Products at the Royal College of Art.