publicity image from The Land's Heart Is Greater Than The Map courtesy of the artists


Ramzi Maqdisi is a Palestinian filmmaker, writer and actor. He began his professional career as an actor in the Palestinian National Theatre before going on to work and tour with international companies such as The Nordic Black Theatre and Stella Polaris. His work addresses the minute and every day aspects of life under occupation. Using subtle, subversive and visual storytelling he seeks to convey an experience of the overwhelming nature of occupation through zooming in on the tiny details that we all, as humans, share.

Olivia Furber is a theatre director and writer working across theatre and installation; indoors, outdoors and in places you weren’t expecting to find her. She received a collaborative MA in International Performance Research from the Universities of Helsinki, Warwick & Amsterdam and went on to take up a movement director traineeship at Opera North in 2015. She has directed, assistant directed and dramaturged work for York Theatre Royal, London International Festival of Theatre, Ensemble52 and Theatre Hullabaloo. She is co-artistic director of ivo theatre whose work spans theatre, XR and installation. Her work focuses on borders (both those which are written into the mind and drawn into the ground) and how humans find ever-ingenious ways to cross them.