(UK) September – October 2016

About Rebecca

I am drawn to artistic mediums that use the audience in an socially engaging way.

Graphic design is my background yet I have always been influenced by a conceptual process with the aim of making work that physically engages the audience. Having experimented with film and photography, performance naturally became something I wanted to explore. I only recognised this was something I needed to take seriously when I looked back at what i’d made as it almost always incorporated an element of directed movement and audience participation. I believe there is a connection between everything we do and through recognising this area of interest I found I could then focus in and learn from what people within the arts were doing today and, subsequently, begin to contribute myself.

I am motivated by what I have yet to produce and by who I am yet to meet.

See more of Rebecca’s work at rebeccaarcher.com

In Rebecca’s words:

“What excites me about working with Blast Theory is experiencing their creative process. Their fearless approach to risk in huge social and political subjects is incredibly inspiring and something I’d love to nurture in my own practice moving forwards. I’m hoping to gain a greater understanding of the technological aspects of their work in order to have a better idea of how to bring my concepts to life. At this point in my career, the creative support and nurturing aspect of the volunteer programme really appeals to me.”