he Lullaby Directory by Rhiannon Armstrong at The Yard Theatre, London. Window 4 (2011) by Nicolas Sassoon can be seen in the background. Photo by Ben Gregory.


Rhiannon Armstrong is an interdisciplinary artist with a performance background making work under the lifelong series title Instructions for Empathetic Living. She develops new forms of interactive art such The International Archive of Things Left Unsaid commissioned by The Space (2015) and now recognised as a model of excellence and innovation: as a performance in a digital medium and as a space online that functions with an ethos of care. Previous site specific and location based works using digital technology include The Emotion Police Emancipation Programme with Bobby Baker for the William Morris Gallery (2016), Hutong Watch a walking tour played in pairs by colleagues across several continents (2015), and All About Sam an installation game played on Twitter and in an office block in Holborn. She regularly uses Twine as a narrative design tool and form of digital storytelling in her writing practice as an author on the game What’s She Like produced by Coney and Headlong for the National Theatre, in the article Care and Reciprocity for the Scottish Journal of Performance, and in the performance Fortress: what we have and what we want, commissioned by Ice & Fire and King’s College London. Over summer of 2018 she will bring her experience making work using mobile and portable devices and game design and theory to a Jerwood-funded training and micro-commissioning programme for emerging artists that she will lead for Coney.