Sofia Romualdo is a PhD researcher at the University of Exeter, investigating the use of videogames and gameful design in museums. After studying contemporary art, with an emphasis on photography, she entered the field of museology and curatorial studies. At that time, she began to focus on videogames, both as artistic medium and engagement tools. Since then, she worked in institutions such as the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art (Porto, Portugal) and Casa da Memória (Guimarães, Portugal), while continuing to do research on videogames, giving talks about them in events such as Indiecade East (New York) and xCoAx (Glasgow).

During her residency with Blast Theory, Sofia will conduct research and produce written work on two of the group’s site specific works in museums, Flypad and Ghostwriter, through the perspective of gameful design, a design process that uses elements and inspiration from digital games. She will also write about the relationship between digital gaming, ubiquitous computing, participatory art and surveillance, tracing the history and influence of these themes in the works of Blast Theory.