Sophie Dixon, Blast Theory resident artist

(UK) January – February 2015

About Sophie

Sophie’s work has research themes at its heart, and uses writing, drawing, audio and video to articulate the process. She is concerned with questions and the exploration to answer them. Finding the format of finalised, resolved work frustrating, she has become increasingly interested in ways to involve an audience in the process of her work.

Sophie is interested in the way we narrate our lives to make sense of our constantly changing environments. Her most recent film Wünschendorf (2014) explored the process of collective memory and forgetting in relation to the trauma and aftermath of exile. It was the result of over four years of research.

She was recently awarded the CVAN Platform Graduate Award after a group show at the Turner Contemporary. She previously graduated from Kent University with a BA in Fine Art.

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About volunteering

Volunteering at Blast Theory was an exceptional opportunity.  Over my two month volunteer period I experienced a wide range of exciting challenges, enabling me to develop my own organisational and practical skills.  Working on the filming of ‘Karen’ was a particularly rewarding experience which has certainly helped me with the practical aspects of my own filming projects