Thanos Polymeneas at a mixing desk, image courtesy of the artist


Thanos Polymeneas-Liontiris is a composer, performer and sound artist. His practice comprises computer-aided compositions, interactive audiovisual installations and interactive music for dance, theatre and multimedia performances. His works have been presented in numerous institutions: the Dutch Institute of Architecture, Muziekgebouw aan t’Ij, BJCEM, Greek National Theatre a.o. Currently he is an AHRC funded PhD researcher and Associate Tutor at University of Sussex. He is also a founding member of the Dutch artists collective Apes Container.

Thanos’ research focuses on new approaches to music-theatre making. Inspired by the second wave of cybernetics and the role of the observer in systems, his investigation explores the concept of Posthumanism in performing arts through the development of technologically-aided, audience-interactive and immersive performances

His project aspires to immerse the performance spectators in the mise-en-scène and get them engaged through technological interaction, in a ludic, hybrid environment between performance and interactive installation.