Kidnap, Debbie on the roof

As part of the Bristol Digital Week, Blast Theory will be presenting at the BBC Immersion Day on the 5th February.

Business Director Kirsty Jennings, will be joining the afternoon panel ‘Immersive Ethics – Dream or Nightmare?’, engaging in conversations about the ethical dilemmas and decisions surrounding immersive experiences.

The panel will be focusing on issues such as; how do we keep people engaged and safe and still push the creative boundaries? What are the challenges of bridging and mixing the real and the virtual? Could we lose our sense of reality?  It’s an exciting new world but where should we draw the line?

Kirsty will be discussing some of the ethical challenges and considerations surrounding our recent live-streamed interactive documentary My Neck Of The Woods and our new app Karen.

When: Thursday 5th February, 2:30pm

Where: BBC Bristol Conference Rooms