We are back at Sheffield Doc/Fest this year for two fun-filled nights playing of I’d Hide You.

I’d Hide You is a video streaming game of stealth, cunning and adventure like no other.  Jump onboard with your chosen team of illuminated runners live from the streets of Sheffield as they roam the city trying to film each other without being spotted. See the world through their eyes as they stream video: ducking and diving, chatting to passersby, taking you down the alleys to their secret hiding places.

Play against your friends online at the same time. Use your wits to choose which runner to ride with. Get a snap of another runner onscreen without getting snapped to win points. Get snapped and you lose points.

Take part Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th June, 8pm – 11pm.

Spot the runners on the street and tweet #idhideyou

Play on your Mac or Windows PC anywhere in the world at www.idhideyou.com or join us at Sheffield Doc/Fest Interactive Exhibition, Millennium Gallery, Arundel Gate S12PP.