Karen is part of the ‘Algorithmic Rubbish: Daring to Defy Misfortune’ exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam.

‘Algorithmic Rubbish: Daring to Defy Misfortune’ brings together projects that were made with new media and which largely unfold in the digital domain.

The exhibition demonstrates how artists use and abuse, with great precision and humor, the mechanisms and strategies applied by large companies and governments. They provide a positive and opportunistic response to the often invisible, yet far-reaching interventions in our lives by taking matters into their own hands. The artists reap the benefits of the existing infrastructures, the illogical behaviour of algorithms, and the available data, while also circumventing or exceeding poorly defined or functioning legislation.

Curated by Annet Dekker, Karen is featured alongside works by James Bridle, Constant Dullaart, Femke Herregraven, Jennifer Lyn Morone, Matthew Plummer-Fernandez, Template, and Suzanne Treister.


When: 4th July – 23rd August

Where: Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam