Dial Ulrike And Eamon Compliant © Blast Theory

What does it feel like to move through the crowd unnoticed?

Keep your eyes open and act natural.


Dial Ulrike And Eamon Compliant will be featured as part of the Release The Hounds Festival in Knaresborough, UK.

Over a 30 minute walk and a series of phone calls, Dial Ulrike & Eamon Compliant draws you in to a world of bombings and kidnappings. Call the number and make your choice. Will you be Ulrike Meinhof of the Red Army Faction or Eamon Collins of the IRA?

Follow the instructions and take a trip into a world of political violence.  As Ulrike, you hear about TV appearances, the firebombing of a supermarket and the night that Benno was shot by a cop on a demonstration.  As Eamon, you reflect on getting beaten by soldiers as a teenager, the killing of Ivan Toombs and your rise to the ‘nutting squad’ in charge of internal security for the IRA.

As Eamon and Ulrike reach the climax of their political actions, you too must make a choice. Hang up now and walk away, or stay on the line…


When: Friday 11th September – Sunday 13th September.

Where: Head to the Market Place in Knaresborough and call the number on the posters to start.