2097: We Made Ourselves Over

science fiction project we made ourselves over

Answer the call. A Tesla pulls up beside you. A visitor from the future asks you to get in.

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Operation Black Antler

Operation Black Antler by Blast Theory

Go undercover for one night to infiltrate a protest group on the fringes of society. What will you do when the power is in your hands?

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Karen is a life coach and she is friendly. Too friendly.

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Dial Ulrike And Eamon Compliant

Dial Ulrike And Eamon Compliant © Blast Theory

Enter a world of bombings and kidnappings in this tense work about political violence.

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My Neck Of The Woods

A live transmission from the streets of Manchester.

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The Thing I’ll Be Doing For The Rest Of My Life

The Thing I'll Be Doing For The Rest Of My Life, photo credit YAMAGUCHI Takayuki

A crowd of people drag a trawler out of the water and through the streets of Nagoya.

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Jog Shuttler

An audience member at Arnolfini

A disrespectful response to the Blast Theory archive. Take your pick from scores of VHS tapes scattered on the rug. Load them into nine players and get mixing.


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I’d Hide You

A performer poses with the camera rig

An online game of stealth, cunning and adventure. Jump onboard with a team of illuminated runners live from the streets as they roam the city trying to film each other.

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An audience member receives a phone call at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum

Ring the number on the wall and take a personal tour through the renovated Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter.


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Riders Have Spoken

A screen shot of the application

An interactive archive of recordings from Rider Spoke.

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Fixing Point

A woman lying in the grass

Take a walk in the woods and look for Seamus.

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The Goody Bullet

The Goody Bullet game table with figurines

An SMS game for up to 400 players that lasts three hours.

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A Machine To See With

A Machine to See With by Blast Theory

Step into a bank heist as you walk through the city.

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Ulrike And Eamon Compliant

An audience member receives a phonecall, Venice Biennale

Adopt the role of a terrorist as you walk through the city en route to an interrogation in a hidden room.

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You Get Me

A performer in a children's playground

You Get Me is a documentary game about understanding, mediation and place. It connects two sites that although they are only five miles apart geographically are separated by a much larger cultural gulf.

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Rider Spoke

Audience member, Barbican

Cyclists explore the city, recording stories about their lives and listening to other people’s.

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Day Of The Figurines

Day Of The Figurines at National Museum of Singapore

Day Of The Figurines is a massively multiplayer game for text messaging, set in a fictional town that is littered, dark and underpinned with steady decay.

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I Like Frank

Artist Nick Tandavanitj

Search for Frank in the world’s first 3G mixed reality game.

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Uncle Roy All Around You

Uncle Roy in the limousine

A game in which online and street players collaborate to find Uncle Roy before being invited to make a commitment to a stranger.

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Can You See Me Now? – Installation

Can You See Me Now? installation

An interactive installation first presented at Ars Electronica in 2003.

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TRUCOLD video still

A video work shot at night on the streets of London and – during a heavy fog – in Karlsruhe in Germany.

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Can You See Me Now?

A performer in Rotterdam

A location based game of chase played online and on the streets.

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An Explicit Volume

An Explicit Volume book

An interactive installation of hand made pornographic books. Visitors decide how much or how little of an explicit image they wish to see.

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Desert Rain

A performer walks through the water projection

A collaborative, mixed reality war game.

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10 Backwards

The performer

A play about time travel and déjà vu seen through the unreliable lens of digital video.

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Russell is led to safehouse

The winners of a lottery get kidnapped.

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Atomic – Installation

Atomic Installation

“What are your top ten favourite songs of all time? What are the secrets that you have never told to any other human being? We want to know. And in return we will tell you our own answers.”

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Video still

An advert for kidnapping shown in cinemas.


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Atomic – Performance

Performers Matt Adams, Nick Tandavanitj and Jamie Iddon

Four people step out to reveal themselves through ten treasured songs, play acting, sexual exchanges and dancing.

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An audience member waits for an interview

A four room installation at Kunstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin centred on an interview with each visitor about kidnapping.

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Something American

Artists Nick Tandavanitj and Ju Row Farr with performer

On a stage 12m wide and 2m deep stands a bulky middle aged man in a New York cop’s uniform.

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